Kindle V/s Paperback. Which is better?

Kindle v/s Paperback. Which is better?

There is an unending argument between Kindle and paperback. There are people who holds pride in having paperbacks, whereas some have upgraded to e-reading. Both ways have their own advantages. Let take a look.

Arguments in favor of Kindle:

  1. Read anytime, anywhere
  2. No bookmarks needed
  3. A lighter load
  4. Built-in dictionary
  5. Adjustable font-size
  6. Carry an entire library
  7. No one can borrow
  8. You can share without regretting
  9. Read in the dark
  10. No wear and tear
  11. Classics are for free
  12. Read a series without a pause
  13. Saves a lot of paper

Arguments in favor of paperbacks:

  1. No battery needed
  2. Have its feel
  3. Easy to borrow
  4. Less worry about damage or loss.

That’s all with Kindle and Paperbacks. I personally prefer using paperbacks as it give me the feel. Also I like the smell of the books which makes me nostalgic.

Which one do you prefer? Let us know in the comments section below.

That’s all folks!

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