How To Keep A Dream Journal(10 Simple Steps)

Dreams are mysterious. There are numerous theories about why we dream, but it’s not sure which one is right. A dream journal can be a resource pool of insight into your inner world. Keeping a dream journal requires discipline and determination. A dream journal is an ideal resource to see recurrent patterns of your subconscious and recall vital aspects that need interpretation. Plus, it’s a fun exercise too. Here is how to keep a dream journal, the diary of your subconscious, your inner soul.

How To Keep A Dream Journal

#1 Find a suitable journal

You can buy a pre-made dream journal of your liking or you can create your own journal. It’s a lot of fun and you can be creative with it. Consider whether you are creating the journal for longer or shorter period of time. Also, think how detailed you want your entries to be. This will determine the length of the journal you need.

#2 Create your own space

Make sure you easily reach the journal while you wake up. If you keep rummaging, you tend to forget your dream. The best place for keeping a dream journal is by the bedside. Another good idea is to keep a reading light by your bedside. So if you wake up in the middle of the night and feel compelled you can easily write it down without forgetting it.

#3 Write the date in your journal beforehand

It can be called as a “readying ritual”. By writing the date for the next day, you don’t have to worry about what date is it. You can also jot down the feelings you are experiencing as a mood reminder as the feelings have a deep influence on your dreams. Also, it will help you track how your dreams are triggered.

#4 Arrange the journal

There are many methods to prepare a dream journal. You can make your journal easier by making linkages between dream and interpretation. Use column method. On one side of the column write your dream and on the other side write down the possible interpretation of your dream.

#5 Dream

Follow your usual method of falling asleep and dreaming. Remind yourself that you will be writing your dreams in the morning. Use a beeping or ringing alarm rather than a music alarm. If you are fine with waking up without an alarm, that’s even better.

How To Keep A Dream Journal
How To Keep A Dream Journal

#6 Write down your dreams

Record your dreams first thing in the morning. Any interruption between waking and recording can lose the dream. With practice, you will find it easier to record your dream. But for beginners, fewer distractions are better. Record everything you can remember. Recall the events that happened. Include characters, feeling, actions, interactions or anything else that happened in your dream. Use adjectives to describe the vivid images that dreams bring about in you. You can also draw images if you like.

#7 Write freely

Don’t make up a narrative. Just focus on jotting down what you saw as quickly as possible before it fades away. Deal with the interpretation later on.

#8 Learn when to stop

If you have more than one dream, try to recollect the one which is the most powerful and enduring to you. Write the one that has the most resonance and meaning to you and skip the rest.

#9 Name each dream

It’s a good habit to get into naming your dreams. Try to capture the main feeling or central idea of the dream. You can use this name as a reference in your next dream or while interpreting.

#10 Review your progress

Be consistent. Dream journaling becomes easier as it becomes a habit. You will easily remember more and more elements of your dream. It’s important to persist even if you find a dream pointless.

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