How To Grow As A Writer – Five Simple Steps

Do you want to grow as a writer and hone your craft? Do you want to grow as a writer, but don’t know the next steps to take? Do you have great ideas, but they never sound as powerful on the page as they do in your head? Do you love to write, but feel stuck as a writer? Do you want to get published, but don’t know where to begin?

Follow these really simple 5 steps to building your writing skills:

#1 Write Daily

Even it’s a few paragraphs, the best way to get better as a writer is to write daily. So get typing. Try to dedicate some time of your day for writing and try to stick to it. You may set a page count or word count for every day and challenge yourself to reach this goal.

#2 Utilize Prompts

Sometimes we need others to get our creative juices flowing. Prompts helps us think in new direction. Keep on experimenting with new literary horizons. Avoid taking the writing prompts that feel similar to you. Go for a prompt that is new and unique and try to push it.

#3 Read the Best

Read authors you admire. Don’t try to be them, but learn from their choices they make stylistically. This may be beneficial if you plan to submit your writing for publication one day. You may decide to include elements of a novel in your work. Or you may find yourself inspired to create a character based on a non-fiction character in a book.

#4 Get Feedback

The best writer have other writers around them. Surround yourself with truth-telling wordsmiths. Also, take the time to read literary criticism in publications and magazines as well as online.

#5 Take a Course

Invest in your passion through an online course that will strengthen and sharpen your writing ability and improve your craft. You may choose a writing course that focuses on a writing skill that you would like to improve on.

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