9 Surefire Ways To Be Consistent With Your Journal Writing

Keeping a journal is easy, but maintaining it daily is the actual deal. Not all are disciplined enough to write daily. However, if you look into the benefits of journal keeping you will know what countless treasures you are missing. Not it is a road to remembrance but it also helps you to be organized and track your progress. Here how you can be consistent and disciplined with your journal writing.

9 Surefire Ways To Be Consistent With Your Journal Writing

#1 Create your own space

Make a space for yourself where you can write without any interruption. It doesn’t need to be isolated but it should be comfortable. You might prefer a coffee shop as your comfy space. Find a place where you can write freely.

#2 Write using prompts

If you don’t know where to start from you can use a writing prompt. It will give you the necessary drive to write. You can create your own writing prompts or use already existing prompts. What you choose, it a spark that you will want to make a fire.

#3 Set a schedule

Set a definite schedule for writing. Once you are into writing, you will eventually see the change and it will become a part of your routine. You will able to manage your minutes and can get the full benefit of your writing exercise.

#4 Remember, it’s not the outcome but the process

Journaling isn’t about how many pages you write or for how many minutes you write. It is to keep the flow of language moving. Don’t stop until you feel like. Write a continuous stream of consciousness. Allow yourself to make mistakes. Don’t worry about grammar or rules. Just write.

#5 Look forward to it

It is easy to make excuses. Don’t make yourself fall for it. Consider journaling a necessary part of your life. Stick to it, no matter what. It should never be thought of as something that you can cross of from your list.

#6 Journal because you want to

If you have the mindset that journaling is an obligation, the process will lose its value. Don’t ask for anything more than what you can give. Do it because you actually want to do it.

#7 Dig deep

Some days you will write only a little. Other days you will find yourself traveling places you never imagined. These days are a design in wonder. Greet them well and never let them pass without feeling the beauty of it. Plant the seeds that you have gathered in fertile soil.

#8 Revisit

We grow each day, even if we don’t particularly like where we’re headed. We can never return to who we once were, but by writing each day, we are building a continuous bridge that will forever allow us to look back at where we came from. Return to your past pages in search of patterns and repeated themes to see how much you’ve grown.

#9 Above all, enjoy the experience

Maintaining a journal is like bringing a new best friend. A friend who always listens and never forgets. A journal can hold the raw emotions for a million adventures, but they are up to you how to foster.

That’s all folks!

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