50 Sure-fire Ways to Charm Audience to Your Blog (And Make Them Stay)

First impression is the last impression. You get only 30 seconds to impress someone when it comes to meeting in person. But when it comes to the online world, you get even lesser time. You have only one chance to attract your audience and make them loyal to your blog. It is only by using the right way, you can ensure a devoted audience. Here are some of the ways to attract and charm your audience.

50 ways to attract and charm the readers

Through Blog

The Secret Sauce to Add Vivid Description to Your Writing

#1 Treat your blog as you treat your own life. A blog is a connection you have with your audience.

#2 Always write what your reader wants to read (not for search engines)

#3 Never steal. Borrow.

#4 Make your blog visually attractive.

#5 Ensure that your website is easy to navigate.

#6 Write what you are passionate about, what you love. By doing this, you will have more connection with your readers.

#7 Ask your readers what they want.

#8 Always reply to your comments. Be responsive.

#9 Make sure that your blog is free of grammatical mistakes.

#10 Keep your word.

#11 Write more often.

#12 Be curious. Be attentive. Try something new.

#13 Stay on topic.

#14 Show gratitude.

#15 Be who you say you are.

Through Social Media

#1 Never underestimate the power of social media.

#2 Use limited social media platforms and use them well.

#3 Offer useful, interesting and compelling information.

#4 Be yourself.

#5 Stop using follow for follow.

#6 Build a strong network keeping your readers in mind.

#7 Ask questions.

#8 Start new conversations.

#9 Engage in conversations.

#10 Don’t use it as a personal diary.

#11 Always keep a track of online activities and keep up with it.

#12 Follow a limited number of people.

#13 Show gratitude and appreciation when people retweet or share your articles.

By Commenting on Other Blogs

#1 Always comment something relevant to the article. Comment thoughtfully.

#2 Avoid generic comments like “Thanks for the info” or “Great post!”

#3 Disagree but with respect.

#4 Never leave links to your blog on others’ blog.

Through Guest-posting

50 Sure-fire Ways to Charm Audience to Your Blog (And Make Them Stay)

#1 First of all, research the site you want to guest post on and follow the guidelines of guest posting.

#2 Get to know the author.

#3 Send your pitch and ask questions

#4 Make your pitch short and sweet.

#5 Ask for recommendations.

#6 Always put your best post for guest posting.

#7 Be responsive. Reply to comments on the guest post.

#8 Never include affiliate links.

#9 Promote your guest post.

#10 Show gratitude and express interest for future collaborations.

Through Affiliate Sales


#1 Only recommend something if you are informed or inspired by it.

#2 Sell something that you have faith in.

#3 Stand by your money-back guarantee.

#4 Don’t force to say yes or no.

#5 Encourage feedback.

#6 Recommend products that are fit for your blog theme.

#7 Say thank you and express gratitude.

Bonus Tip

To keep energized and fit to charm the web world, read and write just for yourself. Keep a personal diary where you can write whatever you want. It might not be your best work in terms of attracting an audience, but it will be useful to you. As you are crafting great stories to share with the world, you still need a personal space. Some of the things will be just for you, while some of them may turn into a blog or guest post.

How do you attract the web world?


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