5 Techniques For Improving Your Reading Skills

Here are the few suggestions on how could you get yourself into the habit of focus reading:

5 Techniques For Improving Your Reading Skills


Many of us find it difficult to concentrate on the lines we may be reading and our eyes tend to get overwhelmed by the words on the page which often tend to get confused with each other when we stare at them for too long. Use a card of about two inches to cover the lines below the line that you are reading. This will help you to focus on the line.

Keep lowering the card as you go along. If you think this is embarrassing, use your index finger to track the line as you go along.
If you are alone, try reading aloud or ‘mouthing’ the words, that is, pronouncing them with your lips without actually saying them.


A tried and tested technique while which works well while reading non-fiction books is reading selectively. When reading, one’s aim should not be to actually take note of everything, but instead to note what is relevant. In order to do this, one has to actually scan the chapter(or the section), if it is a few pages.

When doing this, your eyes survey the pages and register some keywords and phrases. When you have done this twice, your subconscious would have picked what it considers ‘relevant’. The relevant records are actually closely connected with what we are familiar with given sort of experience and information we may already possess. It is a sort of reinforcement which puts us on slightly surer footing when we proceed to read the pages that we have scanned.


Another strategy is to use a reading technique which is referred to by some experts as ‘Layered Reading’. This technique involves quickly glancing through the entire book to get an idea of how the material has been organized, structured and the sort of tone that has been used. After you have done this, move on from one chapter to the next, reading the first two paragraphs and the conclusion, making a brief note of the key points in your reading notebook as you go along.

Remember to write down either page number or section number so you will have a context of your notes. This may be followed by reading each chapter at a speed you are comfortable with.


Or try this: ask yourself why you have picked up a given book – is it a curiosity about its content? Prior information about its content which you feel may interest you?

Necessary reference work that you must do to gather relevant information for what you are writing? Once you have the answer, you will find that a greater clarity will emerge in your approach to reading the book.


Whilst reading, skim over material that either appears to be confusing or not arresting enough, tag the section so that you can return to it later if you feel it necessary.

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