14 Words Every Book Lover Should Know

If you’re reading this article, I assume you already are a voracious reader. You might be referred as bookworms or bibliophiles by people. For you, it’s not just about reading, it’s much more than that. We as readers, love the smell of the books, have our own comfy space for reading and the most of all is our passion for collection of books. Here is the list of 14 words every book lover should know.

Book-lovers don’t just read books; we devour books.


14 Words Every Book Lover Should Know

#1 Librocubicularist

Someone who reads in bed

#2 Bibliobibuli

People who read too much

#3 Epeolatry

The worship of words

#4 Bibliophagist

A devourer of books

#5 Scripturient

having a strong urge to write.

#6 Logophile

A lover of words

#7 Bibliosmia

The smell or aroma of a good book

#8 Hamartia

The most gut-wrenching moments in a reading experience is a beloved character’s downfall.

#9 Sesquipedalian

Given to or characterized by the use of long words

#10 Princeps

The first edition or printing of a book

#11 Book-Bosomed

Someone who carries a book with her at all times

#12 Omnilegent

Reading, or having read, everything

#13 Ballycumber

One of six half-read books lying in your bed

#14 Bibliotaph

People who bury their books by keeping them under lock

That’s all folks!

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