12 Productivity Hacks For Writers

Writing a novel is not an easy task. Sometimes you will be like #amwriting, #writerslife or #wordcount. Also, there will be times where you will be dealing with #amlookingatmyphone, #destructiveprocrastination, #facebookblackhole, #zerowillpower. All the writers face this daily and it’s not going away. Here are some simple strategies and proven techniques to be more productive and get the most out of every writing day.

12 Productivity Hacks For Writers

#1 Set Daily Writing Goals

Start small and be consistent. Writing a book may appear overwhelming at first, but when you break it into small chunks, the task becomes easier. Start by setting small daily goals that you will keep for the next month. Keep a measure of word counts you write, rather than pages or paragraphs.

#2 Use Earplugs While Writing

Background noise can be quite distracting when you want to focus. Using earphones while writing can help you increase your concentration and speed up your work. Another benefit of using earphones is that people are less likely to disturb you when you wear it. You can use white noise to help you concentrate even more.

#3 Take Breaks

Taking breaks in regular intervals can increase productivity tenfold. Use Pomodoro technique. In this technique, you write for 25 minutes and take a break for 5 minutes and repeat the same process. This technique can go a long way in writing process. Alternatively, you can also set a deadline for yourself.

#4 Plan Your Book With Mind Map

Facing a blank screen or a blank sheet of paper can lead to writer’s block. You will end up being frustrated having nothing written. Plan your book beforehand to avoid such situations. Use mind maps to dramatically improve your writing productivity in as little as days or weeks!

#5 Use Writing Templates

Using writing templates can help you increase your writing speed. Template creates an outline how your writings will proceed. You can create your own template by studying the books of similar field related to your writings.

#6 Use Writing Tools

Computer can be an easy-to-use writing tool as well as a distraction machine. Transform your phone and computer from “distraction machines” to powerful productivity tools. Here are a few suggestions of writing tools to get you started: OmmWriterFocusWriter or Write or Die.

#7 Set A Daily Writing Schedule

Set up a writing routine conducive to productivity so you can write more in less time. Set aside a fixed time apart from your daily chorus and work for your writing. Create a workplace where you will write and keep all the necessary stuff around this place.

#8 Create An Outline/Draft

Writing an outline first is a great way to enhance your productivity as a writer. Start by writing out all of the chapter titles of your book. Next, you can write the headings and sub-headings for the various sections within a chapter. Spending an hour or two to create a rough outline for your book will significantly improve your productivity.

#9 Carry A Notebook Everywhere

Carry a notebook with you everywhere you go. Use it to jot down the inspirations or ideas that strike your mind. For those who prefer to use digital tools, you can use Evernote. You never know when an idea will click in your mind.

#10 Try New Methods

Hack your brain, space, schedule, and devices to effortlessly get into the “writing zone” every single day. Transform your writing space into a “Productivity Oasis”. Use a voice recorder for capturing fleeting ideas. Try scribbling random things once in a while or write passages out of order.

#11 Track Goals

Determine your current Active Daily Word Count (the ultimate measure of writing productivity) and use it to monitor your improvement. You won’t have a clear picture of your progress if you don’t keep track of how much work you are doing. Furthermore, setting goals is encouraging as you can look back and see how far you’ve come.

#12 Connect With Like-minded People

Discover amazing apps and programs that will keep you organized, focused, and motivated. Join Facebook Groups and communities that are specifically made for helping the writers around the world. Read: 10 Noteworthy Facebook Pages That Every Writer Should Follow. Apart from this, you can also join meetups for writers.


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