10 Unusual Ways to Create New & Exciting Writing Prompts

If you struggle with a lack of creativity or stuck for inspiration, don’t panic! It happens to all writers.

Here are ten of the best creative writing exercises to inspire you to start (and finish) that book.

10 Unusual Ways to Create New & Exciting Writing Prompts:
1. 7x7x7

Find the 7th book from your bookshelf or a library. Open it up to page 7. Look at the 7th sentence on the page. Begin a paragraph that begins with that sentence and limit the length to 7 lines. Repeat. Read them out and choose the one with the most promise.

2. First

Describe a first. Your first kiss, your first puppy, your first day at school—these little nuggets will make all excellent stories.

3. Dictionary

Open the dictionary to a random page. Find a word that you do not know how to define. Write an imaginary definition for it. Repeat until one inspires you. Maybe that’s how J.K. Rowling come up with her ideas.

4. Magazine Puzzle

Cut out interesting words, phrases, and images from a magazine. Place them in a bowl, close your eyes and pull out two of these magazine snippets. Write a short story of around than 250 words. Now you have created a base for your first book.

5. Pin the Atlas

Find a world map and blindly put your finger on a spot. Then pretend you are a travel writer and write about a weird and surreal experience you had in that particular country.

6. Sell the pet

Write an advert selling a boa constrictor as a family pet. What happens next?

7. Hello, you!

If you want to write a non-fiction book, write a letter to your future self. What do you want to say?

8. Found Ads

Find two ads in the newspaper. Think of a book idea only using words from the two advertisements.

9. “I remember…

Start a paragraph with, “I remember…” and let your memories dictate what you write.

10. Switch Persona

Write a mini-story in the first person. Take on the persona of someone with a different gender, different nationality, and different age. Again, this can form the basis for a great book.

These strategies should help you generate writing prompts on demand and become a more productive writer as well. You can discover additional ways to increase your creativity.


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