10 Happiness-Inducing Books That Will Boost Your Mood

Happiness is a drug. It comes form within. But sometimes books give you the direction. Especially when you are feeling low, books can instantly uplift your mood and reveal the rays of sunlight. It feels so good to immerse yourself in a happy book. Scroll down for our top picks and read yourself happy.

10 Happiness-Inducing Books That Will Boost Your Mood

#1 The 18 Rules of Happiness

by Karl Moore

A self-described “mini-course in mega happiness,” The 18 Rules of Happiness reveals simple ways to become more joyful in everyday life. Packed with attitude to powerful mind-body “hacks”, this is the ultimate pick-me-up.

#2 The Intelligent Optimist’s Guide to Life

by Jurriaan Kamp

It’s hard to find happiness when the media is so focused on disasters, catastrophes, and conflict. The Intelligent Optimist’s Guide to Life details why optimism is good for both the mind and body, plus how to tune in to your natural optimistic self.

#3 Attitude Reconstruction

by Jude Bijou

Maybe you weren’t aware that restructuring your outlook can actually transform your life. In Attitude Reconstruction, author Jude Bijou, MA, teaches you how to change your perspective by combining contemporary psychology with ancient spiritual wisdom.

#4 Hide Your Goat

by Steve Gilliland

Negativity is constantly engulfing us, but it’s important to fight through the gloomy fog and recapture life’s pleasures. In Hide Your Goat, Steve Gilliland provides six core principles to help you stay positive when you encounter obstacles and disappointments.

#5 Madly in Love with ME

by Christine Arylo

Not your typical self-help book, Madly in Love With ME teaches you to value yourself by means of real-life, daring exercises. In no time, you’ll learn the meaning of being your own BFF.

#6 Hand Drawn Jokes for Smart Attractive People

by Matthew Diffee

If you’re smart, attractive, and you like to laugh, check out Hand Drawn Jokes for Smart Attractive People, in which you’ll revel in comic cartoons, riffs, and one-liners.

#7 Life Is Short And So Is This Book

by Peter Atkins

The average American has a lifespan of fewer than 30,000 days — so how you choose to live is super important! Author Peter Atkins teaches you to make the most of your existence in Life is Short and So is This Book.

#8 Big Magic

by Elizabeth Gilbert

How do you tap into creativity and let go of all your fears? Elizabeth Gilbert answers this so wisely in Big Magic — each page will inspire and motivate you to be your best creative self and allow the magic to happen.

#9 The Happy Book

by Rachel Kempster Barry

A total pick-me-up, The Happy Book is interactive and full of interesting prompts, crazy ideas, and cool activities to help you tap into your inner glee.

#10 Contagious Optimism

by David Mezzapelle, Marshall Goldsmith

Who doesn’t love an uplifting story? Contagious Optimism provides lots of ’em from different people around the world, plus awesome advice from business leaders and visionaries.

That’s all folks!

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